badly wounded ear
Badly wounded ear

Medical intervention

We ensure that every penny donated goes directly to the welfare of the animals.
We need to continually buy medication to treat common issues, like infected wounds.
Sometimes it's a simple matter of an antiseptic spray, other times it's surgery and weeks of nursing care.
treated wound
Treated wound
syringe feeding kitten
Hand rearing

Welfare and feeding

We check on the welfare of animals we have recently had contact with, and look for others who need support.
We put out food for malnourished animals, and buy worming, flea and tick treatments.
With your help, we can expand our currently limited neutering and vaccination scheme.
nursing mum with mammary tumour
malnourished mum
mother feeding pups
Malnourished mother

TNVR Support

There is a big over-population problem, which leads to many health and disease issues.
We humanely reduce future populations with our neutering and vaccination programme.
We neuter and treat any other issues. After a few weeks rest, we vaccinate, tag and return them.
neutering operation
Dog neutering